Improve workforce productivity

GPS tracking can help you dispatch your team more effectively, and enhance team collaboration, hence upgrading customer service experiences and getting them to customers faster. You can also communicate with employees in the field through the online portal, making communication easier when they are unable to pick up a phone. Implementing an employee productivity tracker can increase productivity, resulting in a boost in revenue for the business.

Analyzing productivity and engagement trends provides opportunities to optimize work processes and improve company workforce performance.

Technologies used in Positioning & Tracking
Wi-Fi accuracy ranges from 8 to 15 meters for server-based indoor positioning. Wi-Fi positioning systems locate Wi-Fi-enabled devices like tablets, smartphones, and Wi-Fi tags.
Portable small wireless radio transmitters transmit data using Bluetooth and works up to 70 meters away indoors.
UWB Tags
Different UWB tags are used to achieve performance and cost efficiency. They are powered by their own batteries or the tracked object's battery.
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