Modular Design Solution

At Unitronics, we offer innovative modular design solutions with integrated hardware development processes and agile software development to help customers stay ahead of trends and deliver their products to the market quickly and efficiently while maintaining high quality.


Solution specification:
  • 24MHz 16-bit RISC controller series – an embedded Flash controller with multi-channel 2/8~24 hardware Voice/MIDI Wave Processing Unit (WPU).
  • 5MIPS ~ 12MIPS depended on system clock
  • Two Serial Peripheral Interfaces (SPI0&SPI1)
  • I2C TX RX



We use a modular library approach for firmware development, allowing all libraries to be re-used in future development stages, saving time.



We use a modular approach that helps save time during electronics sample build.


  • App interactive toys
  • Music instrument toys
  • Accelerometer and gyroscope 3D gesture recognition